5 ways to join the fight against the deportation

Speak about the deportation so that there won't be anyone in Israel who hasn't heard about it!

Many residents of Israel are still unaware of the severity of the fate awaiting asylum seekers. Many people are apathetic - simply because they have not made the effort to be informed. Speak about the deportation with your family, friends, colleagues at work, at family dinners and with strangers on the street. This story must be heard everywhere!



Share relevant information!

In these times the media is one of the most powerful weapons in existance. Every day dozens of headlines and posts are written about the deportation plan.
We must show our faces in the media to demonstrate that there is a huge number of people opposing the deportation.
Share articles, publicize events, "like" relevant posts and pages and write positive and empowering responses. Push back against commenters that you see as being mistaken.
And most importantly - write a post on the issue from your personal perspective!

Come to protests and informational events that are happening in your area!

The fight against the deportation is happening everywhere in Israel - from the Upper Galil, through Haifa, Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem, all the way to Beer Sheva and the Negev.
Come hear the story in person, and meet other activists just like you - doing everything they can to stop the deportation.
Find the event closest to where you live, and invite everyone you know to come with you!



Organize an information booth, event, or protest!

Informational stands are being organized in the streets of the larger cities almost on a daily basis, in order to inform as many people as possible and to urge them to join the fight.
Every week there are at least three protests in different places, some of them organized by groups of students, some by professional organizations, some by political groups and by many others as well.
Informational events and open houses have also begun to pick up momentum. But that is not enough! Every household in Israel must be informed about the deportation!
Think that you can organize an event in your area? Speak to us and we will help make it happen.

Join groups of activists on Facebook and Whatsapp and find a way to join the effort that works for you!

There are already dozens of different events being held throughout Israel: posters against the deportation being distributed for hanging from balconies, posters for businesses to display, creation of informational videos, documenting the personal stories of asylum seekers, gathering support from celebrities for the cause, a Headstart campaign, and much, much more.
Every day there are new initiatives being launched, and the circle of people working against the deportation grows and grows.
Join the Whatsapp group for your area or the Israel-wide Facebook group, and choose how you would like to be involved.
We need your help!


Join us!

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